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As a site administrator, keeping track of site usage can be a daunting task. With the sheer amount of data and statistics available, it can be challenging to identify key trends and insights. That's where the Activity Digest Email comes in. This tool provides site administrators with a overview of site usage, allowing them to track metrics such as storage, file transfers, logins, users, passwords, suspensions, and shares.

The Activity Digest Email offers detailed information on various aspects of site usage for Yesterday, Past Week, and Past Month, including:


The Storage section provides disk usage, total Quota usage and the total number of files on the site.

File Transfers:

The File Transfers section provides a number of uploads and downloads. This allows administrators to track trends in file transfer activity and identify any unusual patterns.

Deleted Files:

The Deleted Files section provides a number of deleted files. This information can help administrators identify any accidental or intentional file deletions and take appropriate action if necessary.


The Logins section provides a number of logins for HTTPS, FTPS, SFTP, and FTP. This allows administrators to track user login activity and identify any unusual activity or potential security threats.


The Users section provides the number of users and how many users are active. Additionally, it shows how many users were created or deleted based on the digest delivery selected.


The Passwords section provides a number for users with expired passwords. A number for users that have no password set. How many users are managed by an external identity provider.


The Suspensions section provides a number for user accounts that could be suspended based on the digest timing selected. A number is provided for how user accounts were suspended based on digest delivery selected.


The Shares section provides a number for the total amount of active links the site has for Incoming Shares and Outgoing Shares.

Digest delivery is performed at 5AM EST. Delivery times are Monthly on the 1st day of the month, Weekly on Sunday or Daily.

To subscribe to your sites Activity Digest Email, log into the WebApp as a Site Administrator and go to your profile in the upper right corner and select Edit Profile. Under the


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