01.04.2021 - Enterprise/GovFTP WebApp Update

Patch Notes 01.04.2021

- SSO is now available to certain plans (Premium, Ultimate and Dedicated). Contact billing@ftptoday.com for more information on upgrading to an SSO eligible plan.
- Password field during login will now warn if CAPS lock is on for Windows and Linux platforms.
- WebApp - HTTPS Session timeout can now be adjusted up to 60 minutes. To update this setting make a request to support@ftptoday.com
- WebApp - A logged in user will be alerted prior to the HTTPS session timeout by a popup with an option to extend the session.
- The notifications page now shows the date/time of the last message.
- Activity > Reports > New Messages report available for email messages sent by the system.

- Login process is now two-step. One page for username and one page for password. The enter key will now default to the next step in the process.
- Initial login OTP setup is now a multi-page process.
- Password recovery pages have been reformatted to match Login pages.
- Password recovery emails are now HTML.
- Site Settings > Security > Site Identity is changed to show the certificate Issuer instead of the certificate Organization Unit as the former is no longer available in the certificate.
- User Edit screen now shows an IdP message if SSO has been enabled for the user.
- User Edit screen now uses a single field for the password value with a 'Show/Hide' option.
- Raised size limit of custom logo from 100K to 1MB.
- Added svg to allowed custom logo formats. Now allows 'jpg','gif','png','jpeg','tif','tiff','svg' extensions.
- User Import has a column for SSO provider.
- Support for Internet Explorer 11 has been discontinued.

- Site Settings > Security > Site Identity was not aware of the cloud channel and was showing "undetermined" for sites without a custom certificate. It will now show the correct ftptoday.com or govftp.com information.
- Password expiration notices were going to team leads even when disabled.
- On Create User > OTP section, selecting SMS, then carrier 'other', then carrier 'Sprint' would leave the 'SMS gateway field' showing.
- During InfiniShare Inbox creation, the options screen was using the password and notify settings for Outbox.
- In the Files section, when changing directories, the active tab would not be highlighted.
- InfiniShare Inbox button was incorrectly active in the site root.
- WebApp Paste command was not being logged in some situations.


Please note that with WebApp updates some clients may encounter errors due to cached data. Have the client clear their cache and try once more.