Notification Email Deliver-ability

Message Customization From Address

Most FTP Today customers wish to use their own FROM Address for some of these emails, both to facilitate recognition by the recipient and to facilitate an easy reply to the correct person. Therefore, we provide some Message Customization capabilities on the Administrator's Settings - Email Notifications screen.

In other cases, such as new user invites, the from address used is that of the person creating the user or sending a reset.

Message Headers by Message Type

FTP Today sends various types of emails on your behalf, as categorized below.

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SMTP Server Return-Path Sender Fromcreatesclicksclicks From Reply-to

 * Only used if Admin/Manager's email is empty

Deliver-ability of these messages depends on a number of factors, driven by the level of security configured on the recipient's mail server. FTP Today can not guarantee the deliver-ability of all email originating from our system, but we have found that it can be maximized when we use the above settings.

Note that the FROM and REPLY-TO are the only message headers potentially being "spoofed", i.e. not matching the domain of the SMTP server sending the message (

If you find that a significant amount of email is not reaching the recipients due to their email security controls, you can empty the Message Customization From Address field so that it reverts to However, please note that we will not monitor, forward or reply to any messages sent to that address.