05.16.2021 - GovFTP WebApp Update

Patch Notes - 05.16.2021

- API implemented (API documentation locate here API)
- Added Forgot your password link to the Username form.

- Previous: Select a user with SSH keys, select the SSH tab, select a different user that is not allowed SSH Keys and the SSH tab
will be shown with no entries. Now: The screen will be refreshed with the Authentication screen for the user, where SSH key access
can be enabled.
- Wording for Auto Delete has been renamed to File Retention.
- Email from address adjusted to alerts@ftptoday.com for all emails to improve email delivery.

- User OTP filter would return Email method users when No OTP was requested.
- Regression error from SSO: Reset password was missing from Profile page.
- OTP via Email could be selected even when the user had no email set.
- Users>>Authentication would should '1000-01-01' as Password Last Change date. Replaced test with 'Never'.