Automation - Email Notifications

This sets up the default settings for all email notifications triggered by activity on the system. Individual triggers are generally configured on each individual Workspace. 

SMTP Server

  • Sending mail server

    At this time, mail is sent from, or You may wish to add this mail server to your domain's SPF record in order to improve deliver-ability when changing the From Address below. This is because many incoming mail servers will consider email where the From Address does not match the domain of the sending mail server to be spoofed (junk).

Message Consolidation

  • Frequency

    Sets how frequently emails are generated once triggered. For example, if someone is uploading or downloading hundreds of files and it is taking an hour to complete, you may not wish to receive emails Instantly -- because you would receive an email every minute listing a few files instead of one email when the entire transfer is completed.

    Valid choices are:
    • Instantly (within one minute)
    • 15 minutes
    • Hourly
    • Daily

Message Customization

  • Subject intro

    Allow customization of the subject line of email notifications.

  • Body intro

    Allows customization of the body of email notifications, i.e. what appears before the listing of files the notification is concerning.