Backup & DR - Business Continuity

This article explains Sharetru's business continuity plan, including backup and disaster recovery.

Sharetru operates on two different platforms, depending on your subscription plan. Customers choose which platform they want at the time of order. Only our Advanced FedRAMP platform includes standby DR. If you aren't sure which platform you are on, please ask.

Please note that there is no automated failover between data centers. A disaster must first be declared (after all efforts are exhausted to bring the production platform back online) and then the DR plan must be executed. You can expect this entire diagnose, declare, execute process to take a minimum of 24 hours.

Platform: Enterprise a.k.a. Standard Security & Compliance

Production Data Center: LOU3 (IP Addresses 74.126.X.X)
Backup runs start between 1AM EST and 4AM EST.
Retention: 30 Days offsite (DFW3)
DR: None
DR RPO / RTO: 48-hour RPO / Best efforts RTO (rebuild in another location)

Platform: GOVFTP a.k.a. Sharetru Federal a.k.a. Advanced Security & Compliance 

Production Data Center: DFW3 (IP Addresses 170.39.X.X) - FedRAMP
Backup runs start between 1AM EST and 4AM EST.
Retention: 30 days onsite
DR: Yes (Zerto). Tested annually (FedRAMP).
DR Data Center: MSP2 (IP Addresses 170.39.X.X) - FedRAMP
DR RPO / RTO: Near real-time RPO / 24-hour RTO