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How to add a Notification Triggered by the Activity of a Single User (Site Wide)

  1. Go to the Files section.
  2. Click the Home / icon.
  3. Click the Notifications tab then Click the Add Notification button.
  4. Select the username that you would like to be notified in the To field. This is the account that will receive the notification email. You can also select “Ad Hoc Email” to define an email address in the Email field that is not associated with a user on the system.
    Note: The user will require an email address or the notification will not work. If there is no email address, you can still save the new notification and add the email address to the user account later.
  5. Select the username that will trigger the notification in the Triggered by list. This is the account whose activity will be generating the notification.
  6. Select what will trigger the notification -- Upload, Download and/or Delete.
  7. Click Save to complete the process.