How to connect with SFTP using WS_FTP Pro

In this article we will show you how to setup a connection to your FTP Today site using SFTP in WS_FTP Pro. This information is provided as is and can change at any time.

Step 1 Open WS_FTP pro and click the Connect Button.


Step 2 On the Site Manager window click the Create Site button. This will start the connection wizard.

Site Manager

Step 3 Type the Site Name. This will be the name shown in the Site Manager.


Step 4 Select the connection type. To connect with SFTP select SFTP/SSH


Step 5 Type the server address to your site. EG


Step 6 Type the username and password for the account you wish to connect with.

User-name and Password

Step 7 The Finish window allows you to review the data you have input for the connection. Click finish to close the wizard and connect to the site.


As this is the first time you are connecting via SFTP you will receive an Untrusted SSH Server Key window. Place a dot in the Trust this key and click the OK button.

untrusted Public Key

You will now be connected to the FTP Today site.


To re-connect again click the Connect button.


Next select the connection from the Site Manager window then click the Connect button.