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How to share data with a client using Share (Outbound).

You can use the Share system to generate a link that will allow clients to download data from your site without the need for a user account.

To create an Share Outbound link do the following:

1. Log into the site and navigate to the location of the data you would like to share.

2. Select the files or directories you would like to share.

3. Click the Share button. This will open the Create Share Link window.
4. Give the link a name or leave this blank to default to the path to where the Share was created.

5. Select to have the system send a message for you by selecting "Give me a form and send the link for me" or if you would like to send the link yourself the select "I will send it myself." If you select to send the link yourself then click the Copy button to copy the link and paste it into the email.


6. Click the copy button to copy the link to your machines clipboard to paste it into a email or message to your client.

7. Click Save