Import Users

This screen is activated when using the Add-UserAdd User button on the Users - List screen and then clicking on the Important-UserImport Users tab.

1. Choose your File to Import

Choose a CSV file to import from your local file system, then click Save.

If you have never done this before or need a clean file to build your import list,
click the Download CSVDownload Sample CSV button. The sample file uses the following fields for import:
  • Username (required) - This is your new user's login id.
  • Password (required*) - This is your new user's password. If you have password strength requirements in place, it must pass those.
    *If you have New User Invites enabled, this field may be blank.
  • New/Existing Home (required) - Sets whether to use an existing folder as the new user's home directory or whether to create a new folder. Usage: N for New, E for Existing.
  • Home Folder (required) - This will be your new user's home directory. If you chose New for the prior field, a new folder will be created. If you chose Existing, the directory and its parent (see below) must already exist.
  • Parent of Home (required) - This is the full path to the home directory. This path will be validated and must already exist.
  • Email - This is your new user's email address.
  • Real Name - This is your new user's full name.
  • Team - If this user will be managed by a Team Manager, include the Team this user will be on. Team will be created if it does not exist.
  • Comments - Any comments you want for this new user.

2. Check for Errors

Once you have clicked Save, a report will display, showing one line for each line in your CSV file. How each line will be processed will be displayed in the far right column of this report.

  • Line items that will successfully import will explain what will happen.
  • Line items that will not successfully import will explain why not --
    and will show this icon Icon.

3. Cancel or Proceed

  • If you want to correct your errors and start over, click the Cancel ImportCancel Import button.You will be taken back to the previous screen to choose another CSV file.
  • If you have no errors -- or you wish to skip the line items with errors -- click the Proceed ButtonProceed button. You will be taken back to the Users - List screen when your import completes.