IP Whitelist / Blacklist

What are the rules that will cause a IP to be add to the blacklist?
1. Client fails over 5 logins in less than 10 seconds.
2, Client attempts to login as root.
3. Client fails logins on multiple sites.

Will FTP Today whitelist an IP?
FTP Today will not whitelist an IP unless it has been proven that the IP is connected to a system that serves multiple sites at FTP Today.

Will adding an IP to the whitelist override County Access settings?
No, Country Access settings is a secondary line of defense. When a client connects to a FTP Today site the IP is first checked against the whitelist/blacklist. It is then checked against the allowed country list from the country access settings for the site. Finally it is checked against the sites user account restrictions.

Does adding the IP to the Restrictions blacklist/whitelist it?
No, the blacklist/whitelist is network wide and cannot be updated by FTP Today customers. Adding a IP to the Restrictions will only be reflected and used for your site.