This screen allows an administrator to create and manage email notifications on a given folder.

/ - The FTP Site Root

Site Wide Notifications

All notifications created in the site root are site wide notifications. There are two site wide alert types:

  • Site Wide Activity by Any User - Used to notify someone of all activity (uploads, downloads, deletes and/or disk usage), regardless of what folder the activity occurs within.
  • Site Wide Activity by a Specific User - Notify someone all activity (uploads, downloads, deletes and/or disk usage), triggered by a specific user site wide. Naturally, this would come in handy if if a user has access to multiple folders.

All other folders

When focused on any other folder, notifications that have been set up for that particular folder will be listed. This includes showing inherited notifications as non-editable line items:

  • Site wide notifications - shown to prevent you from accidentally setting up multiple notifications for the same thing.
  • Other inherited notifications - shown because they were configured somewhere above the current folder in the directory tree.

Add Notification

To add a notification to the current folder, click the Add Notification button and follow the prompts on the top line of the listing. Then click Save or Cancel.

Remove Notification

Select one or more notifications and you will then have access to the Remove Notification button. Be careful, removals are immediate and without confirmation.