An administrator can use this screen to add network and protocol restrictions on users. Each rule can be applied either to all users or to a specific user.

Hint: Rules for specific users can also be configured on the individual user's Restrictions tab and will be displayed there even if configured here.
IMPORTANT: Restrictions are applied at the user level, i.e after a login attempt. These restrictions are therefore applied after both the protocols allowed at the site level (Settings - Service Activation) and the allowed countries (Settings - Country Access).

Add Rule

Clicking the shield-noticeAdd Rule button will open a new line item on the list for editing, with the following fields:

  • Rule Name - Every rule should be given a unique name that means something to you.
  • User - Select All Users if this rule will apply to everyone. Select a specific user if this rule is meant for only them.
  • Allowed IP Address Range - Defaults to - (the whole world) on save if skipped. Otherwise, type in the user's remote IP address that you wish to require them to login from in the first part of the range. Once an IP address is entered in the first part of the range, it is assumed to be the same in the second part of the range -- since a single IP address is the most common scenario. If your user gave you a larger range of IP addresses, you can enter the starting and ending IP addresses before saving. There is no limit to the size of the range that can be used.
  • Allowed Protocol - Defaults to Any Protocol or allows you to restrict a user to a specific protocol.

Note: You can create multiple rules for the same user, whether you need a separate IP range or a separate protocol for the same person.

Edit Rule

To edit an existing rule, check the box to the left of it, then click the pencil Edit Rule button.

Remove Rule

Rules can be removed by selecting a check box next to the rule(s) you wish to delete, then clicking the
binRemove Rule button. Careful, there is no confirmation before a rule is removed.

Quick Navigation

Clicking a username will take you to that user's Restrictions screen where you can view which rules only affect them and manage rules accordingly.