Security - Site Identity

Site Identity indicates the URL or Address of your FTP Today site as well as information about the active SSL certificate. The SSL certificate shown below is the one presented to both HTTPS and FTPS connections.


  • Dedicated IPv4

    Every FTP Today site has a unique IP address. This allows you to point your own domain name to the FTP site or reach your site directly without using a domain name. Your unique IP address is displayed here. If you wish to point your own sub-domain, such as, please consult your DNS provider.

  • Active domain

    This indicates the current DNS name that we have on file for your FTP site. It could be a sub-domain of or it could be your own custom domain name.

SSL Certificate

  • Common name (CN)

    This is the current SSL certificate's domain name.

  • Organizational unit (OU)

    Most SSL certificates provided by FTP Today are called Domain Control Validated certificates, which will show here.
  • Fingerprint

    This will display the fingerprint of the current SSL certificate.
  • Expiration date

    This will display when the current SSL certificate is valid until. In most cases FTP Today is responsible for renewing this certificate, whether it is a wildcard certificate for our domain or whether it is for a custom domain such as