User Roles

This screen is used to assign an administrative role to a user.

Administration Roles

There are two layers of administrator:

  • Site Administrator - This type of administrator has full reign over everything on the FTP site, both administratively and while uploading, downloading and deleting files.

Note: You can have multiple site administrators, but is highly recommended that each site administrator have their own username and password for auditing purposes.

  • Team Manager - This type of administrator is limited to one Team. A Team Manager has full upload, download and delete permissions within every folder on his Team. Every new user or new folder created by a Team Manager is automatically assigned to his or her team.

    A Team Manager has the following administrative abilities:
    • Create and manage users -- but only within their own Team,
    • Create and manage folders, assign permissions, etc. -- but only within their own Team.

Note: Team Managers will never be able to manage any other team's members or other team's folders. However, you can have multiple managers of the same team.