How to use a Custom Domain with your account

FTP Today provides an SSL certificate free of charge the following plans:

Premium, Ultimate, and Dedicated

This will allow you to use a domain that you own for your site instead of the one provided by FTP Today.

To start using your own domain to connect to your account do the following:

  1. Select a host name. We suggest using
  2. Create a DNS CNAME with your DNS hosting provider pointing to your FTP Today site host name (E.G. or
  3. Open a Support case and provide the host name you created.

Once you have opened a support case the DNS information will be confirmed as active and a SSL certificate will be installed.

**If you have setup SSO on the account. The domain will need to be updated with the Identity Service.**

If you do not have a current plan you may be required to upgrade. Contact support for further assistance.