Security - Country Access

Country Access restricts access to your FTP site by country or region of the world. This is based on a commercial database of worldwide IP addresses that is updated weekly. This provides excellent protection from foreign hackers attempting to gain access to your site. The map to the right shows graphically which countries are allowed (in green) and which countries are dis-allowed (in red).

Geo-IP Restrictions

  • Limit Access by Country

    When enabled, only users from the allowed countries will be able to access the file transfer protocols that are active on the site. You can disable this temporarily if you wish, for troubleshooting purposes, without having to clear the list of allowed countries under the next setting.

  • Allowed countries

    If the Limit Access by Country toggle is enabled, these are the only countries from which end users can access your FTP site. You can edit this list in several ways:
    1. Click inside this field and choose additional countries from the list.
    2. Click in the field and start typing the name of a particular country in order to find it.
    3. Use the map to the right and click on the country you wish to add to the list.

Don't forget to click Save when your list is the way you want it.